A Fiesta of Food Firsts

February 12, 2011

We went all out on the food front today.

The Chicklets and I baked a delicious chocolate and banana marbled bundt cake this afternoon. I’ve made my fair share of chocolate cakes and a healthy dose of banana cakes … but never mixed the two.

The marriage of rich chocolate and moist bananas with a generous sprinkling of confectioner’s sugar is a decadent treat. We took the cake over to a friend’s house for dessert, and I meant to take pictures … but the cake disappeared. (The super-easy and delicious recipes can be found here.)

Not to stop there. …

We also had chorizo tacos for dinner. I’ve never tried chorizo before — and I am totally hooked. Our hostess tossed the sausage in a slow cooker for the day and set out tortillas, cilantro, loads of cheeses, and a variety of salsa and veggies for us to graze over; and the dinner was amazingly fun and delicious —  for the kiddos and adults alike.

I can’t wait to try cooking this fun find at home. I’m going to be sure to pair it with this light and refreshing beer (another first!) that I got turned onto tonight: Sol.

Wait, there’s more food on the way …

We got home rather early — six little friends all running round for hours on end makes for some very tired Chicklets — so I had some time to think up something tasty for us to have for Sunday brunch.

I’ve always wanted to try a crustless quiche, and recently read a great recipe for a quick, family-friendly version on MyKidsEatSquid.com … so, I popped some bacon in the microwave, chopped up a few handfuls of spinach, diced a quarter onion and a few potatoes, and tossed everything into a pie pan with eggs and a bit of cheese. We just cooked it up and the house smells amazing. Tomorrow  it will be all ready to quickly warm up and have with a mocha and popovers. (Then I’ll really need to hit the gym!)

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